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"Simuna Infosec is the ideal information security partner for your organization and your business. We have the best in class resources, who were been apreciated by Internet giants like Google & Microsoft for their contributions to them. Some of them are even numbered among the best 100 Infosec consultants in the world. Why to go with automation, when you have the luxuary of served by elite".

We are a passionate about making information Security afordable and accessible to All.

Simuna Infosec is well managed by group of information security geeks & experienced professionals with a strong technical and innovative minds. Our company includes members who interacts and collaborates greatly by means of young and dynamic minds. Between us we have decades of experience in security testing and are recognized by technological giants like Google, Microsoft, Oracle and many more.You can be assured of getting best in class service and support from us.


Simuna Infosec is the one step solution centre for all your information security needs. We offer services to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction by adopting contemporary methodologies driven by research and development. We provide the best service for making you secured from all potential threats.


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Infosec is a vast area and hard to find what is happening in this world , staying updated means more secured. Stay updated in information Security with Simuna Infosec's security alert systems.