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"Simuna Infosec is the ideal information security partner for your organization and your business. Why to go with automation, when you have the luxuary of served by elite".


We are a passionate about making information Security afordable and accessible to All. Information is prone to attacks, staying updated means more secured. Stay updated in information Security with Simuna Infosec's security alert systems.

Experience & Achievements

Simuna Infosec is well managed by group of information security geeks. Between us we have decades of experience in security testing and are recognized by technological giants like Google, Microsoft, Oracle and many more.

Risks Free Business

Incidents in the recent history shows the importance of having infosec.Information security is crucial in organization. All information stored in the organization should be kept secure. Be Sheilded from network vulnerabilities.

Cleaner Work Flow

Starts with Understanding Your `Application and Identify The Glitches.We will help you tp fix those and ensure the security via repeated processes.You can be assured of getting best in class service and support from us.


What we offer

Vulnerability Assessment Vulnerability
Process Assessments Process
Penetration Testing Penetration
ISO 27001 Consulting  ISO 27001
Various Risk Assessments Risk
Information Security Information
Configuration Reviews Configuration
Hardware Hacking Embedded Devices and IOT
Security Architecture Review Security

Understand your Application

Application Architecture focused learning .Identify the threats that can possibly be there, and vulnerabilities that might attract Intrusion in future.

Identify The Glitches

Short-Lived Faults or hidden Bugs that can cause Attacks that might break your system. We help You in identifying those with a process flow based routine

Help You To Fix all those

Our team has Global executives with combined 50 plus years industry and Executed 1000+ Security Testing Projects during our career.you can rely on our reports and Suggestions

Recheck and ensure security

Process involving stages from Vulnerability Assessment .. Penetration Testing ..Configuration Reviews ..Process Assessments .. Risk Assessments ; make sure that you Application in Secure

Make Your Application Secured

We Offer Our Security Testing Services For Desktop, Web and Mobile applications of all Industries. We have Information Security Management System Consulting * Enterprise Security Architecture Review * ISO 27001 Consulting * IT Act – India Consulting

Staying updated in Infosec means more secured. Stay updated in information Security with Simuna Infosec's security alert systems.


Happy Customers

Customers from Various industries


Applications Tested

Applications from various industries developed in different lanuages


Individualy Tested

Our Security consultants had tested more than 1500+ applications in their career


we have your back


Recent News and Updates!

Product Security (Embedded Devices and IOT ) feature

The best way of addressing the security needs of today and future for a complex and critical IOT based System is to build the security measures in the Production Process proactively rather than taking a reactive approach of patching the gaps. Firmware/Application Security Assessment Hardware Security Assessment (“Hardware Hacking”) protecting your network, building a secure IoT ecosystem, ensuring compliance with industry standards, enabling fact-based decision making. IoT and Embedded System Security by Simuna reveals vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Our assessment levels range from customers who want to get a first overview over their IoT/embedded system security up to customers with an already high maturity level. Our specialists conduct highly sophisticated attacks using manual methods and offer state-of-the-art hardening recommendations for you in accordance with the maturity level of your systems
We have extensive experience in wireless security assessment services. We will analyze your wireless system’s security configurations and run penetration tests to detect vulnerabilities in the wireless infrastructure and assist you in implementing effective security policies to prevent risks. Our Wireless Assessments include:
Wi-Fi Bluetooth Zigbee Zee Wave NFC/RFid WirePas