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About Us

we are SimunaInfosec

It is very well known to you especially if you have visited us, how important securing your information online is. There is a growing trend of increase in threats especially in the field of information technology and thus resulting in the theft of valuable information. We at SIMUNA offer a helping hand from all sides right from understanding your application and then delivering what you require by providing a client-friendly environment. We are having a wide range of clients from countries all around the world and provide the services either directly with the help of white label partnerships. The most advantageous feature here is the exposure throughout the globe making us one of the leading solution providers in the field. We help you to go through the internet carefree and enjoy your browsing experience at the same time keeping your system secured. A strong technical base along with different services provided to suit your specific requirements keeps us in the front.

Our Vision

Our vision is to take information security to spotlight. To make the management understand of the potential threat they are facing by our business legible report. We think we can help organizations to be secured with
*Delay the attack to a great extend
*Detect attacks and respond very fast

Why we are Special

A team of highly experienced world-class consultants from various IT practices • Acknowledged by Google, Microsoft, Oracle and many more. • Recognized with Google Hall of Fame • Consultants with industry wide certifications such as
* ISO 27001 LI & LA
* MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, etc...

Meet our Team


Charlotte Christensen

COO, Co-Founder

Having more than three decades of experience in the banking sector she has been the visionary who has led the group with confidence and guided them through the steps. She was part of the senior management team and is a person with keen eyes who is an expert in providing proper guidance to the team. Decades of experience has increased her persistence in terms of the quality of service.


Sruthi M

Security Consultant

She is the Senior Security Consultant with more than 9 years of experience in her hands, excels at security testing. She is an expert at enterprise applications with respect to banking systems and other technology-based companies. She excels at providing industry-based solutions and mobile applications with expertise in T24, Finacle, and Flexcube. She is acknowledged as the expert in industry-specific applications and has completed VAPT for more than 1000 applications. Her contributions to the industry have been duly acknowledged by Microsoft and Oracle.


Arun B

Security Consultant

He is our Senior security consultant with more than 7 years of industry experience and his expertise lies with information security and then into software testing. He has been given recognitions from several famous companies like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Amazon and many other organizations. He was named in the Google hall of fame for reporting a number of security glitches in it. An expert in enterprise applications, he has completed VAPT for more than 800 applications.